Combined Federal Campaign, Workplace and Matching Gifts

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Corporate matching gifts are a great way to make your contribution deliver twice (or even triple) the impact, at no extra cost to you. Ask your employer if they offer a matching gift option.

If yes, go ahead and give now. You do not need to wait for the matching gift to support our mission. Simply mark that your company matches funds and include your companies’ name in your on-line, mailed or in-person gift. Request a matching gift form from your employer and send in the completed and signed form with your gift to the development team.


If your company is part of the United Way or Combined Federal/Combined Fund Workplace Giving Campaign. There are several ways in which you can further the mission of the National Ability Center through this united effort.combined federal campaign

Designating Your Gift and the Combined Federal Campaign:

    Please consider directing your gift and encouraging others to direct their Workplace Giving to the National Ability Center. (Tax ID #94-3025807 CFC code #12350).

Information Sessions:

    Share information about the National Ability Center at upcoming events and inspire others. Check with your Human Resources department, or person in charge of the United Way or Combined Federal Campaign for your office, and ask if there are opportunities to have speakers or information tables at upcoming meetings or Workplace Giving fairs.

Promoting National Ability Center:

    Forward a National Ability Center email to co-workers, friends or family members who may be searching for more information on the National Ability Center and what they’ll be supporting through their Workplace Giving in the upcoming year.

Nationwide Giving

Did you know that you can encourage family and friends from across the nation to share your passion for the National Ability Center? Many organizations and companies participating in Workplace Giving programs offer the opportunity for donors to designate the charity of their choice. Help share your passion at a national level.

The National Ability Center is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.
Tax ID #94-3025807