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Did you know there are creative ways to support the National Ability Center? Ways in which the National Ability Center, you and your loved ones all benefit at the same time? Such giving techniques are called “planned gifts”, because with thoughtful planning, you create win-win solutions. For example:


  • You can make a gift that costs nothing during your lifetime.
  • You can give stock and realize larger tax savings.
  • You can get income for life when you make your gift.
  • You can donate your house, continue to live there and get a tax break all at the same time.

To get started, notify the National Ability Center of your intent to make a planned gift. Then contact your investment or tax advisor to determine the best strategy to do so. Below you can find just some examples of how you can match your goals while benefitting in the process.




Contribute a large gift to the National Ability Center — and avoid capital gains liability.

Give stock or bonds held over one year

All gifts of stock are welcome. If you bought low and plan to give high your gift will cost you less through savings in capital gains tax and income tax charitable deduction.

Make a gift today that will not affect your cash flow or portfolio now.

Put a bequest in your will (cash, specific property or a share of the estate residue) or designate a bequest through a retirement plan or life insurance policy

Long term tax benefits without an impact now to your family.

Turn an unneeded asset into a meaningful gift

Make a gift of a life insurance policy

Increase your ability to make a leadership gift to the National Ability Center

Give a sizeable gift easily to the National Ability Center

List the National Ability Center as a beneficiary of your retirement plan

Eliminate income tax on retirement plan assets

Reduce estate and gift taxes and control the timing of passing assets to your children and grandchildren

Create a charitable lead trust and support the National Ability Center for a fixed period with the principal going to your heirs

Reduce gift and estate taxes and freeze the taxable value of growing assets before they pass to your family

Avoid capital gains liability on the transfer of a business or partnership interest

Contribute the partnership or business interest to the National Ability Center

Avoid capital gain liability, receive an income tax deduction and use a gift asset you may have overlooked


The National Ability Center is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.
Tax ID #94-3025807