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Our world is evolving, and so is the National Ability Center.

We have the same heart, programs and inclusion you've come to know, but our purpose has grown and our logo has adapted. This new brand reflects our commitment to people with differing abilities. Our commitment to a strong vibrant community where everyone belongs. The mountain reflects challenges ahead of us all. Together we journey through them. Together we can unlock the true potential within each of us.

this is the adaptive nation


The Future of Possibility is Fast Approaching

The NAC has made it to the “basecamp” of its next big climb with help from some key partners, very generous donors, and wonderful volunteers! Please join us today on the journey and help us go from the “Basecamp” to the “Summit.”


The Basecamp

Over $12,300,000 has been committed to help with the expansion of the NAC’s capital infrastructure that already provides more than 37,000 experiences to more than 6,600 individuals each year!

Our completed campaign will increase capacity for 4 times the amount of individuals by the year 2029.



The Summit

Reaching the summit at $15MM will allow the NAC to actuate the following new facilities and expansion of the below listed existing facilities.

 Click on the links below to experience the future of the NAC:

  • Expansion of Several Facilities including
    • Equestrian Center
    • Adaptive Cycle Shed
    • Sensory Garden
    • Administrative Building including
      • Enhanced welcoming and intake area
      • New and improved indoor climbing wall


  • The Outcomes of reaching the Summit will be an elevated trajectory for the NAC, allowing 4 times the current number of individuals to build self-esteem, confidence and lifetime skills. Individuals who can proudly state, “I am NAC.

Potential Growth of Individuals Served



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More Ways You Can Help:

  • Be an Advocate for the NAC
    • Attend NAC events
    • Volunteer with us!
    • Tell your friends about the NAC and invite them join you in supporting the cause