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Our world is evolving, and so is the National Ability Center.

We have the same heart, programs and inclusion you've come to know, but our purpose has grown and our logo has adapted. This new brand reflects our commitment to people with differing abilities. Our commitment to a strong vibrant community where everyone belongs. The mountain reflects challenges ahead of us all. Together we journey through them. Together we can unlock the true potential within each of us.

this is the adaptive nation
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The Meeche White Legacy Campaign

The Meeche White Legacy Campaign for the National Ability Center’s Endowment Fund began in 2008 with a goal to guarantee the future of the National Ability Center, it’s resources, facilities and equipment for those in need. The Campaign honors the vision, dedication and care of National Ability Center’s co-founder and leader for nearly a quarter century, Meeche White, who continues to see the abilities and opportunities that exist in each of us.

Endowed funds can be unrestricted, providing a resource that can be used to meet current organizational priorities and exciting new opportunities as they arise, or can be designated for specific purposes.

Endowment funds, because they are permanent, help a non-profit in several ways:

  • Providing income that can offset direct annual operating expenses.
  • Securing a future source of revenue for the lifetime of the organization.

A portion of the income generated from the endowment is distributed to the National Ability Center’s priorities, including program scholarships and fees, facility improvements and training and education. The remaining income is reinvested. This strategy allows for the endowment to provide both immediate support to our participants and programs as well as long-term security for our mission. For additional information on the National Ability Center’s Endowment Fund, contact us info@discovernac.org.


I hope you will join with me and the many friends of the National Ability Center to fund this endowment. With the community’s support, the National Ability Center can continue to meet the phenomenal growth which attests to the need for therapeutic recreational activities to improve the lives of individuals of all abilities, their families and the community.

Very truly yours,
Richard E. Marriott
Meeche White Legacy Campaign

The National Ability Center is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.
Tax ID #94-3025807