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Fostering Discovery

Take advantage of training and educational opportunities from the National Ability Center to foster discovery in your for-profit company, “not-for-profit” organization, school, government entity, community group, family or personal development.

Designed with inclusion a a first priority, these opportunities will empower your team – including people of all abilities – in the development of knowledge, awareness and skills in adaptive recreation, program administration and disability awareness. Spend an hour in an introductory educational or informal session, join us for continuing education days and national speakers or commit to a multi-week international program, student or professional internship. Our experiential and hands-on learning approach means you get the skills required to be competent and successful and have fun while doing it.

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Ask us how programs can be designed to meet the needs of your group. 

Prior experience is not a prerequisite for most trainings. We are accustomed to adapting for a variety of abilities and pride ourselves in providing programming that will challenge and inform beginners and experts alike.

Why choose us for your training and education needs? Read more.

For more information on our training & education programs, including hands on experience learning, international opportunities, ability awareness and educational opportunities, please contact us at 435.649.3991 or email


Training and Education Programs

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Training Programs – Learn by Doing:

The National Ability Center training programs provide hands on experience, mentoring and coaching. It takes practice to develop the skills needed to assist someone in adaptive sports and recreation, that’s why our ‘learn-by-doing’ approach is successful. Our unique ‘inside and outdoor’ classrooms create a thriving environment for all types of learners. Programs can be designed to provide an introductory overview to the field, enable you and/or your team to get direct experience in any of our programs or support you through mentorship and education to gain professional certifications.


Ability Awareness:

Come visit our facility or invite us to your organization to learn the basics of working with people of all abilities. Workshops can be created to meet your specific goals and include practical handouts and reference guides for your use. All recreational activities offered by the National Ability Center can be incorporated into our Ability Awareness Trainings (for example adaptive cycling demo, rock climbing with a ‘temporary’ mobility impairment (blindfold, and other programs).


Educational Opportunities:

The National Ability Center is proud to partner with local, state and national experts in providing one-time and on-going educational opportunities to advance your knowledge in the field of recreation and disabilities. Our current educational partners include Utah State University, Salt Lake VA, University of Utah, BYU, Wounded Warrior Project, Park City Medical Center, the NeuroBehavioral Institute, PSIA/AASI, DSUSA, Utah US Department of State, US Paralympics, Utah Therapeutic Recreation Association, and PATH International. Check our training schedule for current offerings or contact us to design an educational program for you and your group.


International Training & Education:

The National Ability Center has more than twenty years experience providing training and education programs globally. With help from local, state, federal and international partners, the National Ability Center has supported training and education programs (and subsequent adaptive programs) in Korea, Spain, Chile, Italy, Poland, Thailand, Indonesia and Mexico. In addition, athletes, students, community leaders, coaches and instructors from more than 50 countries have traveled to our facility in Park City to receive training and education in the fields of adaptive recreation, therapeutic riding, Paralympic sport, leadership development and ability awareness. Each program provided by the National Ability Center can be customized to meet the needs of your group. Learn more.


Conferences and Facility Resource:

Do you have a training or conference which connects to our mission? Consider the National Ability Center and Park City, Utah for your next event. Our team will work with you to meet the recreation, entertainment, food, facility, training and program needs to round out your conference plans. Not only can we provide recreational programs for people of all abilities, we are able to connect you with local and national speakers and recreational experiences who will help to make sure your conference and its message sticks in the minds of all those that attend.