Rentals & Assessments - National Ability Center

One of the instrumental components of adaptive recreation is adaptive equipment. The National Ability Center uses state-of-the-art equipment for our programs, including, but not limited to: mono-skis, bi-skis, outriggers, ski bikes, recumbent cycles, hand cycles, tricycles, tandem cycles, side-by-side cycles, paddle boards, kayaks, sled hockey sleds, Nordic sit skis, mountain boards and more.

An important first step in any adaptive experience is proper equipment fitting. It can take up to an hour or more to ensure a client is set up for success before ever hitting the snow, the trail or the water. The National Ability Center staff is trained to assist clients in finding just the right fit for their first lesson or to help them discover a new piece of equipment.

National Ability Center clients who have become comfortable with the use of specific adaptive equipment can take it out on their own personal time through our equipment rental program.

For more information or to setup equipment rental and/or an assessment, please contact our office at 435.649.3991.