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It is our philosophy at the National Ability Center to offer a broad range of programs for
individuals of all abilities. With an emphasis on safety, education and, of course, fun, the National Ability Center strives to identify and develop year-round recreational opportunities which might otherwise be inaccessible and unavailable. Through the use of adaptive recreation and equipment, trained instructors, volunteers, and specialized techniques, the National Ability Center helps facilitate athletic endeavors and encourages physical activity.

National Ability Center Programs:

Splore Adventure Programs
Sports & Recreation Programs
Equestrian Programs
Military Programs
Group & Custom Programs
Rentals & Assessments
Training & Education
Family Activities


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Download a copy of our Annual Program Guide and/or visit the Registration & Schedule section for current schedule of activities.

Discover the Possibilities:

Inclusive Programming

At the National Ability Center we often find that a participant’s experience is enhanced by the inclusion of friends and family; reinforcing relationships and building a support system that can continue beyond the initial program experience. Recreational outings are essential for social interaction, and through the National Ability Center, individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to pursue common interests with their peers. Though the potential for and method of inclusion varies from program to program, the goal remains the same. Whenever possible, the National Ability Center’s programs are available to the friends and family of individuals with disabilities. Please contact our office to learn more.

Therapeutic Benefits of Adaptive Recreation

Increased self–esteem and confidence
Increased balance, strength, and coordination
Sense of satisfaction and fulfillment
Bonding through recreating with family and friends

Our Staff, Instructors & Volunteers

Staff, instructors and volunteers are trained to work with people of all abilities, are knowledgeable in adaptive equipment and adaptive teaching methods. Instructors are encouraged to pursue certification in their field. We strongly believe in the therapeutic benefits of maintaining a full and satisfactory recreation lifestyle and strive to assist individuals with disability toward that goal. Learn more about our staff.


The National Ability Center offers programs on campus and at a number of locations around the
Park City area. View a list of locations and learn more about our facilities.