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Your 2016 Impact Report

2016 Impact Report


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We often share stories of the strength and ability discovered through the National Ability Center’s programs. Whether conquering a rock wall, grooming a horse, or paddling across a reservoir, our programs provide the seeds of confidence that help people of all abilities thrive through life’s challenges.
One of our goals at the National Ability Center is to reach more people every day. In doing so, we hope to help change their perception, and your perception, from ‘dis‘abled to ‘differently-abled‘. From weak to empowered. From frustrated to gifted. And with that, allowing people to re-write and tell their own stories in a way that transforms how those around them envision the world.
This shift in perspective holds the power to create personal and global change; a disability can be limiting, debilitating, frustrating and depressing. A different ability can be empowering, opportunistic, liberating and the jumping off point for a new life.
Have you felt the speed of a racing wheelchair as it whizzes by? Have you received the sweetest hug from a child with Down syndrome? Have you ‘watched’ a movie though the voice of a child on the Autism spectrum reciting their favorite Disney film in its entirety? Have you silently cheered as you watch a veteran continue his service to our country as he stands alongside a comrade, who continues to fight their own internal battle?
I have been touched by each of these experiences. Every day, as I walk outside at the National Ability Center I learn new stories of perseverance, challenge, success and resilience. I see people with different abilities raised up because of their unique gifts, not limited by their differences.
Join me as we work to change perceptions. Start simply by embracing the different abilities of yourself and others. Next, become an ambassador and share this philosophy with others. And, if you need a little inspiration visit our ranch or join us for an event to how different abilities come together to create a vibrant community of inclusion and possibility.

Gail Loveland
Executive Director, National Ability Center


To participate, volunteer or support National Ability Center programs,

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