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“Living in a wheelchair leaves many voids in my life, often making me feel less than human. It is not about the ability to walk but rather the ability to share the outdoors with others. The National Ability Center’s Off-road Handcycling Camp provides the opportunity to fill the voids that often plague people with spinal cord injuries. It means so much to feel the wind in my face, the dust on my skin, the aches in my neck and back, the burn of the uphill and the adrenaline of the downhill. But most of all, I cherish the smiles and thrills experienced with my friends. No one wants to be left behind. Thanks to all at the NAC and their supporters for helping me break down barriers and feel more human again.”


-Wally Lee

 Rider in National Ability Center’s 2016 Off-road Handcycling Camp



Wally Lee was among five adaptive athletes who traveled from Montana, Illinois, Idaho and across Utah to join the National Ability Center for a three-day, off-road handcycling camp September 29 through October 2. This camp was the first of its kind in Park City, and the athletes, all riders with spinal cord injuries, used special adaptive cycles from the National Ability Center’s fleet. These cycles roll closer to the ground with three or four wheels and allow the riders to essentially pedal with their arms in either a recumbent or prone position. 

Thanks to Park City’s supportive community, Park City Mountain and Vail’s Epic Promise, Deer Valley Resort, and the work of Mountain Trails Foundation, Park City offers an ideal location for this style of camp, with a collection of diverse trails wide enough to accommodate the adaptive cycles’ wider wheel bases. The camp culminated in a challenge hill climb organized by National Ability Center supporter, Craig White to the top of Park City’s infamous “Puke Hill”, which leads into the Crest Trail offering a unique opportunity for the handcyclists and riders a of all abilities to build community and experience the “epic” trails for which Park City is becoming so well-known. For eight straight years Craig White has led this unique group ride to raise funds in support of the National Ability Center’s programs, with each year topping the amount raised the year before! Funds raised enabled the National Ability Center to build one of the top adaptive mountain bike programs, including an extensive fleet of equipment, in the US and around the world. For more information, visit www.discovernac.org.

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