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Meet Kaustubh Thapa

Hometown: Dolakha, Nepal

Position: Marketing and Business Development Assistant

Hobbies: Travel, Photography, Rock Climbing, Gardening and Reading

Kaustubh, or Kaus (pronounced like “House” but with a “K”) was born in Nepal. He was born in Dolakha, six hours outside Kathmandu and raised in the capital city. As a child he was able to travel around Nepal with his father who built offices and buildings. This exposure to different cultures and landscapes at a young age cultivated his passion for travel.

He came to the United States for his undergraduate where he received a Bachelor of Arts at Westminster College in Missouri, majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Political Science Economics. Next he built a primary school in rural Nepal, his home country, as part of Projects for Peace in 2010. He also served as an AmeriCorps Volunteer in Service to America in the capacity of development assistant for a year in Salt Lake City before going to grad school. Kaustubh also assisted Real Food Rising in Salt Lake City, a group of community gardens where with the efforts of two other team members grew the number of beds from nine to 18.

For his masters in Environmental Science Policy and Management, he attended three different universities. First he attended Central European University in Hungary where he spent two semesters, he then went to the University of Aegean on the Aegean Islands in Greece for half a semester. His last semester was at the University of Manchester, which he described as a very rainy experience, the highlight of which was being able to travel and explore Scotland.

Favorite destination:

Romania was Kaustubh’s favorite travel destination, he has been there five times and hopes to go again soon. While he was there he worked with small communities of farmers. He was enamored with the mountains and the rich culture of tradition the people had preserved.

Fun Fact:

Kaustubh means Gem Stone and originates from Hindu Mythology.

Save the Date:

As an avid photographer and traveler Kaustubh has created quite a portfolio. He will be having an exhibit in Salt Lake City at Art Access Gallery: 230 S 500 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 from July 21st to August 11th.

The name of the exhibit is “Colors and Shadows”, the inspiration for the selected photos comes from his experience traveling and interest in landscapes. He seeks to capture moments, however, not just a static moment in time but the motion of a moment utilizing long exposure in his work.

You can see more of his work on his Instagram @kausthapa







Art Access

Posted on Dec. 14th

He is such a wonderful person and artist. We love Kaustubh! Thanks for the shout out National Ability Center.

Heidi Olsen

Posted on Dec. 14th

WOW! What amazing photos!

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