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I am National Ability Center: Ali Steenis

From an early age, Ali Steenis was fearless. Whether climbing the monkey bars despite protesting teachers or racing any boy who dared to challenge her, Ali, who was born with a visual impairment, never let her lack of sight get in the way. Her independent spirit grew when Ali’s parents enrolled her in therapeutic horseback riding lessons. She found her passion in horses within the supportive world of therapeutic riding, and with the desire to compete alongside able-bodied peers, Ali transitioned out of therapeutic riding and into dressage.
Ali received her first guide dog the summer before her senior year and graduated with honors, going on to attend Seattle Pacific University for business management. Following her freshman year, Ali discovered the National Ability Center, and was accepted into their COACH internship program. Taking a leap of faith, she moved to Park City for a summer that would change her life.


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