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Feature Friday: COACH Intern Taylor Geiger

Age: 18

Hometown: Yarmouth, Maine

Years associated with the NAC: 3


What is a COACH Intern?

Taylor has participated in camps at the NAC and this summer she came all the way from Maine to participate as a COACH Intern. The COACH Internship Program is a year round, seasonal (9-12 week) program designed to create a structured continuum of growth and learning for young adults with differing abilities to help them transition successfully from school to work. We empower these individuals by building self-esteem, confidence and lifetime skills through sport, recreation and educational programs.

Favorite part about being a COACH Intern?

I love to participate in all of the activities in more of a helper position rather than just being a camper. I’ve been through what these kids have been through and I really enjoy helping them build confidence and working with kids of all abilities.

What is your favorite program to help with?

The Barn, anything in the barn with the horses. I was diagnosed with Autism when I was a baby and started therapeutic riding when I was two. I had to learn how to speak, how to balance and how to coordinate my body movements to ride. It was through my therapeutic riding that I fell in love with horses and riding. I did so well with it that by age four I went to a different barn and started taking riding classes. At age six I could walk and trot. At age nine, I started cantering. At age 10, I leased my own horse and at age 13 we bought my horse, Gus. With Gus I was walking, trotting, cantering AND jumping. I started competing doing jumping and shows. That is what I usually do in the summers, compete in horse shows, but this year I really wanted to come to the NAC and be a COACH intern so I could give back to others.

What will you do when you graduate High School?

I’ll be a senior this year in high school. I want to go to school in Maine and study to become an Occupational Therapist so that I can come back to the NAC and work full time. I want to learn how to help kids even more and help them learn with therapeutic riding like I did. Being able to give back is really important to me.

What is your best advice?


“That it’s possible to do anything if you set a goal. It’s hard in the beginning, but the outcome is worth it.”

-Taylor Geiger

We are so grateful to have Taylor assist with all of our programs and camps this summer. Her positive attitude and friendly smile brightens the campus everywhere she goes. She is eager to learn and not afraid to ask questions so she can understand every aspect of the NAC better. Thanks to people like Taylor and supporters like Vail EpicPromise for being such a wonderful part of the National Ability Center Family – you make our mission come to life!

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