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Our world is evolving, and so is the National Ability Center.

We have the same heart, programs and inclusion you've come to know, but our purpose has grown and our logo has adapted. This new brand reflects our commitment to people with differing abilities. Our commitment to a strong vibrant community where everyone belongs. The mountain reflects challenges ahead of us all. Together we journey through them. Together we can unlock the true potential within each of us.

this is the adaptive nation
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Splore Adventure

With our Splore adventure programs, getting into the mountains or out on the river is accessible to all. From rock climbing to river rafting or mountain biking, these programs take you away from the beaten path with adaptive adventures.  Join one of our open adventures or build a group all of your own.


• April 14
Prom - Dancing with Disabilities
• May 13
Sundance Family Hike
• May 23 - June 18
Rock On! indoor climber
• June 2
Annual Barn Party
• July 21
cycling over 60
• Aug 1 - Sept 19
Burn Unit Climber

NAC Stories

NAC: Where I learned to fly

Dolly Murphy lived at the bottom of her closet for a year. Sleeping only one hour per night, her waking moments were consumed by […]

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I am Resilience: Edward “Flip” Klein, Army Major (Ret.)

Edward “Flip” Klein,, Army Major (Ret.) shares his experiences with the National Ability Center. “Being injured is tough. The way to make it easier […]

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The National Ability Center empowers individuals of all abilities by building self-esteem, confidence and lifetime skills through sport, recreation and educational programs..

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